The Best Infant Thermometer 2015

A good thermometer is the best “Early Warning System” that an infant is getting sick. There are many thermometers on the market, but what really is a “good” or better yet a “great” one? Well, we hope to answer this question and find some great bargains on this page.

Which Kind of Infant Thermometer is Best?

The kind of thermometer that is best for you and your infant depends on their age and personality. If your baby is closer to a newborn; a rectal thermometer could be best. If your little one is especially fidgety; a temporal artery thermometer might be better. If you’re not sure, there’s some great “Dual” thermometers on our list below.

Infant Thermometers 2017 Comparison

ProductBrandTypePriceRating (out of 5)Review
Forehead & Ear
$$$4.8Read our review!
$$$4.5Read our review!
Just-BrillDigital Ear Infra-Red$$4.4Read our review!
Little HummingbirdDigital Ear Infra-Red$$4.9Read our review!
San SeroDigital Forehead$$$$4.5Read our review!
Safety 1stDigital Rectal$4.0Read our review!

Types of Infant Thermometers

As you would expect, infant thermometers in 2015 use some of the latest technology to improve comfort and accuracy. The latest Temporal Artery Thermometers were released less than a year ago. They and the infra-red ear thermometers allow an infant’s temperature to be taken without physically touching your baby. We can now take their temperature while their sleeping.

Another innovation are the 3-in-1 / “Dual” thermometers to provide more options and multiple readings. Let’s discuss some of the more popular kinds available:

Multi-Use Digital Thermometers

Multi-Use Thermometers usually have a small metal tip which can be used to take an infants temperature orally, under the armpit (auxiliary) or rectally. Good for those who like to double or even triple check (and who doesn’t with kids!).

Temporal Artery / Forehead Thermometers

Temporal artery thermometera uses infra-red technology to scan an infant’s forehead and get a fast, precise temperature reading. You don’t even need to actually touch your infant’s head. Just swipe from a few inches away for a temperature reading.

You can find more information and reviews at our page “Finding the Best Forehead Thermometer for Babies“.

Digital Ear Thermometers

Digital Ear thermometers use an infra-red beam to check the temperature inside the ear canal. They work just fine with adults but are not recommended for infants younger than 6 months. Or older if your baby is a bit fidgety like mine…!

Forehead and Ear Thermometers

The latests innovation for 2015, the dual forehead and ear thermometers such as the Innovo look set to be a winning combination for the future.

Rectal Thermometers

The rectal thermometer is still the “Gold Standard” for newborns. They are the most accurate but can be uncomfortable for infants. Probably the least favorite for parents taking a baby’s temperature, too.

Pacifier Thermometers

A digital pacifier thermometer is a very soothing way of taking an infants temperature. However, they are not recommended for newborns. An infant must be able to keep a pacifier in their mouths for 3 – 5 minutes to use one.

Infant Thermometer 2015 Reviews

Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer Review

One of the latest “Dual Thermometers”, this model was released at the start of 2015. It gives off both a visual and audible alarm if your baby’s temperature exceeds 98.6 F. It can be used from infant to seniors and with a life-time warranty you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.


  • Don’t need to undress infant or even wake them to take temperature
  • 2 ways of checking temperature for more accuracy
  • Can be used from newborn infant to seniors so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.
  • Life-time Warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Displays turns red if there’s a fever
  • Easy to change from fareinheit to celsius
  • Sometimes available at a discount on Amazon


    • Reports of the battery cover being a bit loose and coming off.

TempIR Body Temperature Thermometer Review

TempIR are that confident you’ll love this “No-Contact” forehead thermometer. They’re offering a lifetime, “No Quibble” refund policy.

These kinds are great as you don’t need to wake or undress your infant to take their temperature. That makes it really easy to get a reading when they’re sleeping or in the dark.


  • Can use from Infant to Seniors
  • Non-invasive to Baby – just hold 5cm away
  • No-hassle lifetime refund
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Durable -Warranty lasts for an amazing 40,000 readings
  • Long Battery Life – lasts for 1000s of readings
  • Often available at discount on Amazon


  • The Thermometer needs to be at room temperature for an accurate reading. So needs to be left for a while if you’ve taken it outside.

Digital Thermometer Baby from Just Brill

Just Brill have designed a quick, sanitary thermometer that’s perfect for infants. Their infra-red ear thermometer takes a reading in just 1 second. That makes it great if your little one has reached the age where they won’t stay still.

As it’s an infra-red thermometer you won’t need covers for the end of the probe. And you don’t need to worry about putting the probe in too far and hurting your baby either. The Just Brill baby thermometer comes with it’s own case so it’s great to stash in your diaper bag and take on your travels.


  • Infra-Red Scanner means you don’t need to put all the way in the ear
  • Great for kids that squirm a lot
  • Contoured design fits well in hand
  • Super-easy to operate
  • Small so can take on travels.
  • Very Sanitary as wipes of well.
  • Comes with storage bag
  • Quite often available at discount on Amazon


  • Need to ensure pointing directly at ear canal (and not the side of the ear) to get an accurate reading.

Best Baby Thermometer by Little Hummingbird

This could well be the cutest thermometer on the market in 2015. Like it’s name, “The Little Hummingbird” is really small and fits in the palm of your hand. This is great as it means you can hide it so stop your infant fussing and squirming.

This model is another infra-red ear thermometer with the added feature of a night light.  This makes taking temperatures in the dark that much easier. It’s cuteness makes it a sure-fire winner for baby showers, too.


  • Fast temperature reading in seconds
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Small size means kids won’t see it coming and fuss
  • Fits easily into a diaper or travel bag
  • Cute design and comes with a cool case
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Great Price


  • It takes a bit of time to get used to taking readings in a baby’s ear.

Best Baby Thermometer Review

Another of the latest, “No Touch” forehead thermometers, the Best Baby is great for infants. It has a built in alarm and turns from green to red if your baby has a fever.

The back-lit LCD display means you can see the reading in low light and in the dark. You can also use this it to check your babies milk. If it’s too hot it will change color, which is a really great feature.


  • No Touch Thermometer – jut scan from an inch away.
  • Quick – takes just 3 – 5 seconds to get a reading.
  • Lights change color to red if a fever detected
  • Stores last 20 temperatures and sounds alarm if temperature is rising
  • Bottle-milk temperature function (with red light) to check milk is not too hot.
  • Big back-light display so easy to read in the dark.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Sometimes available at discount on Amazon


  • Cannot turn off the beeping when the scan is finished. This could wake your infant if they’re sleeping.
  • Reports of the power button breaking off but the company will send a new one for free.

Safety 1st Rectal Thermometer Review

Many pediatricians recommend a rectal thermometer as the best thermometer for newborns and infants. The Safety 1st “Gentle” lives up to it’s name by having a flexible tip and over-insertion guard.

Many parents report their child suffers absolutely no discomfort with the “Safety First”. It takes 8 seconds to get a reading. This is a bit long when compared to other kinds of infant thermometers in 2015.  However, rectal thermometers are considered more consistent and accurate.


  • Perfect for newborns / infants under 4 months
  • Most accurate type of infant thermometer
  • Over-insertion guard
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Very Cheap


  • Need to purchase and use hygiene covers

Do you use any of the thermometers on our list? Or do you have a different choice for the best infant thermometer of 2015? Be sure to tell us in the comments section.