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best exersaucer

The 6 Best Baby Exersaucers for 2018

Before buying something like an exersaucer for my baby,  my number one question is usually: “Is it safe?” Quickly followed by: “Will my little tyke break it?!” Exersaucers are an updated design to the older, unsafe...

weaning a toddler

7 Tips For Weaning a Toddler

For some mothers, weaning a toddler off breast milk is a long and difficult process. My own toddler was still breast feeding at 2 1/2, right up to the arrival of my second baby....

toddler life vest

Choosing The Right Toddler Life Vest

Many new parents can’t wait to share their favorite water activities with their toddlers. Naturally, all parents worry about safety – and with good reason. The 1 – 4 age group has the highest...