Looking For Great Mothers Day Gifts on Amazon?

I caught my hubby looking for great Mothers Day Gifts on Amazon. Which got me thinking, what do I want for Mothers day this year?

I’ve actually been obsessed lately with one of those powerful blenders other moms have been raving about and have been hoping for a Vitamix Mothers Day sale. Why?

What’s In That Jar Of Baby Food?

jars of baby food

If I have another baby, one thing I’d do differently is make sure I know exactly what is in the baby food I give to him or her. I read this article recently at Parents.com and was shocked at what they found in jars of baby food. You just can’t trust what’s on that label anymore.

The only way for me to know exactly what ingredients are being fed to my baby is if I make it myself. But as we all know, caring for a baby and trying to prepare all their meals from scratch is a huge juggling act.

Making Your Own Baby Food

One of my friends swears by her Vitamix blender for making baby food. I really like Vitamix but buying one would be a huge indulgence since they’re so expensive.

She says making them with fruits and vegetables is a snap. You can whip up a days worth of baby food in one go, and save them for 2 to 3 days. So it’s not really that big of a time consumer.

Getting Older Kids To Eat Their Vegetables And Fruits


Some kids love fruits and tolerate vegetables. While others won’t touch either one with a ten foot pole.

One method I’ve read about getting them to eat, or getting them to eat more, fruits and vegetables is by disguising it. There are great recipes for things like:

  • Banana Ice Cream using a Vitamix blender
  • Delicious and sweet fruit smoothies

Losing That Baby Weight


OK, I can’t make this Mothers Day gift all about my kids. What’s in it for me?

I’ve struggled to lose all that baby weight. And as the years have passed, it’s clinging to me tighter than bark on a tree.

I’ve been wishing for years of a simple way to replace lunch with something low calorie and filled with fruits and veggies. I enjoy it when I go to Jamba Juice and get one of their fresh smoothies for lunch. But that doesn’t happen often with our schedules and frankly, they’d be too expensive to buy one everday.

But if I could make a smoothie in the convenience of my own home … I think I could do this everyday. And I found some wonderful smoothie recipes I’d like to try.

Get A Vitamix Blender For Mothers Day

One of the most popular wished for items by mom’s is a Vitamix blender. Most find it a huge expense that they just can’t justify buying for themselves.

But Mothers Day isn’t just any ordinary day. It’s the day we celebrate us Mom’s, it’s the day we should be pampered for all the sacrifices we make every single day!

If you’ve ever wanted a Vitamix blender but thought they were too expensive….

Now is a great time to treat yourself as I’ve just read there IS a Vitamix Mothers Day sale going on right now! I plan to throw some big hints to my significant other. And if he doesn’t get the hint, I may have to buy one for myself <grin>.

Right now, they’re up to $100 off.

All the details can be found here at this great article on the Vitamix Mothers Day Sale.

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