The Best Ring Sling Baby Carriers

baby ring sling carrier

Ring sling baby carriers have increased in popularity in the past few years. They look great and give you a variety of carry options. Babywearing is now a thing!

Research has shows that ring slings reduce crying, especially in newborns. They also make great covers for when you’re breastfeeding in public, too.

On this page, we take a look at the best ring sling for newborns, and for toddlers too!

The Difference Between A Baby Carrier And Ring Sling

If you’ve been looking at baby carriers or slings for a while, you’ll have noticed that there are two distinct types. “Baby rings”, which are often seen as the natural baby carrier, and modern “baby carriers”.

Modern baby carriers, tend to support your child in a sitting position, cradled with his front facing your body. This offers similar benefits to the baby ring, however, it’s easy to make mistakes with how you support your child in a baby carrier.

Ring slings, on the other hand, offer a simple and easy way to secure babies in their natural “C” shape. They’re also great value, too.

Comfort Counts!

When choosing a baby ring sling, the most important thing to look for is comfort. Different body shapes will respond to ring slings in different ways. When wearing the sling, you shouldn’t notice any pain, discomfort or strain in your neck, shoulders or back.

As for your little one, he should be held snugly in his natural position. You can tell when this is true because your baby will look like the shape of the letter C, similar to the way adults love to sleep in an S shape.

Our Best Ring Sling Award Winners

There are 7 ring slings that made our list this year, but only 3 of them won awards.

Editors Choice
Nalakai Ring Sling Baby Carrier
Nalakai Ring Sling Baby Carrier
Most Versatile
Kids N Such Baby Sling Carrier
Kids N Such Baby Sling Carrier
Best Value
Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier
Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier

Baby Ring Sling Reviews

We reviewed seven of the best baby slings you can buy today. They were selected based on comfort, material and how easy it was to wrap your baby. Here they are:

Nalakai Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Nalakai Ring Sling Baby Carrier - Luxury Bamboo and Linen Baby Sling - Baby Wrap
  • Colors: 20
  • Fabric: Bamboo and linen
  • Baby Min / Max Weight: 8 – 35 lbs
  • Safety: CPSIA and ASTM
  • Warranty: 30 days
  • Unique: 5% of every sale goes to Cepia, a foundation supporting low income families

My favorite ring sling by a mile. It is the most expensive on the list, but feel good buying it knowing 5% of the sale is going to those in need.

The Nalaki ring sling is our Editors Choice Award Winner. It’s the most popular ring sling carrier, has all the safety certifications, and is made out of a terrific blend of bamboo and linen. As a nice touch, it also comes in a huge color selection. 

While it only comes with a 30 day warranty, it really only has 2 moving parts, the rings, so that’s not a real concern of mine. You should know within those 30 days if you like the way it works or not. 

The mission of the company is something I really can stand behind and it’s the kinds of companies I’m willing to pay more for a product. They provide 5% of every sale to Cepia, a foundation supporting low income families, which is a noble mission.

Based on quality, popularity, and their company mission to share the profits, I wholeheartedly encourage anyone reading this to buy the Nalaki ring sling. 

Kids N Such Baby Sling Carrier

4 in 1 Baby Carrier Wrap and Baby Sling Carrier, Charcoal Gray Cotton,Ring Sling

Colors: 3
Fabric: Cotton
Baby Min / Max Weight: 8 – 35 lbs
Safety: CPSIA and ASTM
Warranty: Hassle Free Return Policy & Lifetime Guarantee
Unique: Can be used with and without rings

The Kids N Such ring sling baby carrier is our “Most Versatile” Award Winner. It not only is a ring sling, but you can also use it without the rings to make it a baby wrap carrier. With a single product, you can choose which is better for you, your shoulders, and your back. 

I really like the fact they use cotton for the fabric, it’s just so natural and we all know how to care for cotton clothing. 

It only comes in 3 different colors, which is a bit limiting for those of us that are fasion mavens. But they do offer a hassle free return policy and lifetime guarantee.

If you’re unsure which will work better for you, a ring sling or a baby wrap carrier, buy the Kids N Such as you get to choose with one product. 

Mebien Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling

Mebien Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling-Cotton Muslin-Newborn Infant Toddler-Grey

Colors: 6
Fabric: 100% Turkish Cotton Muslin
Baby Min / Max Weight: 8 – 35 lbs
Safety: CPSIA and ASTM
Warranty: 30 days
Unique: Turkish cotton muslin fabric is extraordinary

The Mebien ring sling is a great carrier. It’s the only one on our Top 5 list to be made out of a unique fabric, 100% Turkish cotton muslin. Parent’s have commented how this fabric is super soft, very breathable, and works great in hot summer months. 

The fabric is so soft, some have complained that it just slips through the rings. I believe it’s all a matter of practice and patience to get it to hold snughly though. 

While it only has a 30 day warranty, there are a hundreds of reviews proclaiming they love this ring sling. 

Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier

Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier | Lightweight Breathable Mesh Baby Wrap for Infant, Newborn, Kids and Toddlers | Perfect for Summer, Swimming, Pool, Beach | Great for Dad Too Grey

Colors: 15
Fabric: Polyester jersey mesh
Baby Min / Max Weight: 8 – 30 lbs
Safety: CPSIA and ASTM
Warranty: Hassle Free Return Policy & Lifetime Guarantee
Unique: Designed for use in water, but works well elsewhere

The Vlokup water ring sling is our “Best Value” Award Winner. It made our Top 5 and is the most inexpensive model on our list. 

It comes in 15 variety of colors and patterns. It is made of polyester jersey mesh, similar to a football jersey if you know what that feels like. Known for durability and breathability.

Designed to be used in water environments such as the pool, water parks, or shower, the fabric is perfect for quick drying. It works well as a regular ring sling as well. 

With a great price and flexibility to use in the water, it’s a great second ring sling to take on your watery adventures. I think it’s perfect for vacations, travel, or day trips. 

Vlokup Baby Sling Ring Sling Carrier Wrap

Vlokup Baby Sling Ring Sling Carrier Wrap - Soft Lightweight Cotton Baby Slings for Infant, Toddler, Newborn and Kids - Great Shower Gift, Lightly Padded, Adjustable - Nursing Cover Black Stripe

Colors: 16
Fabric: Cotton
Baby Min / Max Weight: 10-40 lbs
Safety: CPSIA and ASTM
Warranty: Hassle Free Return Policy
Unique: Designed by a mom with lightly padded shoulders

The VLokup ring sling is a traditional sling made out of cotton fabric. It comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, 16 in total. 

Designed by a mom, who’s also a professional seamstress, the carrier has functional features such as a slightly padded shoulder to ease pressure between the rings and the shoulder. 

KeaBabies Baby Wrap Ring Sling Ergo Carrier

Baby Wrap Ring Sling Ergo Carrier - All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps with Detachable Rings- Baby Sling - Infant Carrier - Babys Wrap - Hands Free Babies Carrier Wraps

Colors: 1
Fabric: Premium Cotton Spandex Blend
Baby Min / Max Weight: newborn – 35 lbs
Safety: none listed
Warranty: none listed

The KeaBabies ring sling is made out of a cotton spandex blend and only comes in 1 color, grey. It’s a good sling with a lot of happy parents, but the lack of ASTM and CPSIA safety standards and warranty terms makes me a bit hesitant to recommend it. If they do have them, I wasn’t able to discover it.

I have no doubt it’ll work great as a ring sling carrier, but with so many other choices, you may want to look elsewhere. 

eBabySling Lightweight Baby Sling Carrier

Lightweight Baby Sling Carrier Wrap | Soft and Breathable | Clip Carry Bag Gift

Colors: 4
Fabric: 100% Turkish Cotton double face
Baby Min / Max Weight: 8 – 35 lbs
Safety: CPSIA and ASTM
Warranty: None specified
Unique: Long and luxurious tail fabric means the ring sling will fit everyone, from petite to plus size

The eBabySling ring sling is made out of 100% Turkish cotton, just like the Mebien ring sling. There must be something unique to this cotton!

It only comes in 4 different colors, but they are colors that would complement most mom’s wardrobes.

It’s a nice ring sling but we’d need more feedback from other parents to recommend it today.

Previously Recommended

We reviewed 5 of the best baby slings. We selected the 5 based on comfort, material and how easy it was to wrap your baby. Here are our reviews:

Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Carrier Review

The Mamaway baby carrier is perfect for parents who are looking to purchase a newborn sling, whilst not breaking the bank.

There are a wide range of colors, something that’s obviously important if you’re going to be wearing your baby out and about. And they are all made from stretchy and comfortable 100% prima cotton.

Mamaway’s material makes it strong enough to support your child until toddler age. Obviously, you may stop carrying your child well before they begin to walk. Still, it’s nice to have the option, especially as toddlers get tired quickly.

The only drawback with the Mamaway baby sling is the price. However, for the quality and ease of use, it could be the perfect one for you.

My husband actually loves our Mamaway ring sling, as you can see on our page “Baby Carriers For Dad“!

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Easy to set up, fits any different body sizes and carrying positions. Extra width, ideal for newborns to toddlers. Versatile one size fits all sling that are quick, easy and simple to adjust in order to carry your child easy and safely. Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Wrap allows you to carry your newborn in the same position they have assumed in the womb, making it easy for eye contact to bond with your new loved one.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Womb-like environment, babies cry lesser and sleep more. Can be used as a nursing cover and a blanket. Nursing your newborn in the wrap is comfortable and discreet. It can also be worn as a postpartum belly band.
  • ERGONOMIC: The curved pouch shape design makes a deep pocket that allows for a more comfortable fit for baby and a better grip on babys legs. Most moms find it with less slipping problem for squirmy babies. Babys weight is evenly distributed along your back and shoulders to comfortably carry your baby or toddler, for hours on end.
  • CONVENIENT WITH SAFETY: Patented pocket design, Lightweight at only 0.66 lbs. It is compact enough to pack away in diaper bag. Tested to hold up to 110 lbs over 24 hours. Machine washable, 100% Premium Combed Cotton, breathable clothes.
  • COMFORT WITH SUPPORT: Lightly padded Shoulder portion distributes weight through torso and avoids straining the neck . Lightly padded railings provide right amount of cushioning for babys tender thighs, with no sharp edge cutting into flesh. Mamaway sling carrier has no overheating problem for baby and mother which is perfect for hot weather.

Beco Baby Carrier Review

Another good option for those looking to try a baby sling, the Beco Baby Carrier is great value for money and offers good support for your baby. It’s well proportioned, with a tail that’s not too long for most parents.

Unfortunately, the Beco Baby Carrier doesn’t come in a range of colors. However, it does come in a muted gray which should be easy to wear with most looks.

During our test, we found the Beco to be an easy wear. Our child feel asleep readily whilst inside, making trips to the shops very easy indeed!

The one issue we did have with this model was the weight of the fabric used. Although we’ve no doubt it’s very strong, we did feel it was slightly too much for carrying a baby.

During summer months you might find tie material slightly too thick, although you might love this one if you live in a cooler climate!

The Maya Wrap – Bright Stripes Review

This is a great ring sling and looks very stylish when worn. The Maya Wrap is made from 100% cotton and feels lovely and soft against your skin. It comes in a range of sizes starting with small and then working up to medium and large.

One very nice touch we found with the Maya Wrap was the instructional video bundled in with the pack. It’s a great bonus for parents who could do with a primer before carrying their child for the first time.

We found the length of the tail perfect. As the Maya Wrap comes in a range of sizes, you’ll be able to choose the tail length to suit your needs. This is great if you like to include a little extra length for nursing privacy.

A great thing about this model is the variety of colors (16!) available. You’ll be able to find one that’s perfect for shopping, family outings and leisure time too.

Haul’A Baby 4 In 1 Baby Wrap

The Haul’A Baby is a strong and well-made baby wrap that comes in at a very reasonable price.

This ring sling is made from quite a stretchy cotton / spandex style fabric. It actually works very well in daily use, with the fabric having just a little give, really helping an infant to snuggle down and get some sleep. It also features quite a nice amount of tail length, allowing privacy if you decide to breastfeed whilst out and about.

The Haul’A Baby Wrap also comes with a handy carry bag, keeping it nice and clean when traveling plus it also comes with two different rings, each offering slightly different carry position.

We found this sling very good value for money and although it might not be the most stylish sling on the block, it’s certainly one that should be in your luggage when you travel!

  • BREATHABLE CARRIER WRAP: HaulA Babys baby sling, belly wrap and binder is the most lightweight device for babywearing on the market, so you and your newborn can cuddle up in any kind of weather. Our wrap for babies is perfect for experienced and expectant mothers alike.
  • ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL: HaulA Babys unisex swaddle wrap and baby holder is solid, combining soft cotton and stretchy spandex to adjust with your growing baby. Longer than most baby wraps, its great for plus size moms, men or other caregivers. It can carry up to 40 lbs per ring.
  • VERSATILE INFANT CARRIER: HaulA Babys ergo baby wrap offers both forward facing and hip carry options for comfortable, easy wear, and ultimate baby protection. Meet your babys needs and save money while they grow, for a hands-free, active lifestyle. The wrap can be worn front or back, for girls or boys.
  • BOND WITH YOUR BABY: Baby wearing shirts encourage intense parent-child bonding, which is essential for the wellbeing and health of your infant. Perfect as a nursing cover while breastfeeding, or as a swaddle wrap, with this baby pack you can keep your newborn safe and comfortable all day.
  • GREAT VALUE PRODUCT: HaulA Babys 4-in-1 convertible carrier works as a ring sling carrier, newborn wrap, postpartum belly binder, or maternity belt. With our 365 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee were confident youll love our stylish baby wearing wraps.

Inoo Tech Baby Sling Review

O.k, this one is not a “Ring Sling” per se, but as it’s similar to the “Haul A Baby” we decided to include it as well.

Personally, we find the spandex material is particularly great for a Mom with a newborn. It’s long at 4.5 meters and stretchy so it fits all sizes and can adjust with your body after giving birth.

As long as you wrap the baby with good head and neck support (and there is a user manual included) this sling can be used with a newborn. It’s also very easy to completely tuck-in their little arms and legs. We love being able to do this, especially when you have a winter baby.

Like many of the ring slings we featured, the Innoo Tech is machine washable.

There are a few things that we didn’t like about this ring sling. It’s only a front carry, which is fine for infants. When they get a bit older you won’t be able to hip or back carry.

And lastly, like so many baby products these days – it’s made in China, which may be off-putting for some.

Sometimes, Amazon has the Inoo Tech Sling available at a really great price.

  • Reduces Crying: When the baby is wrapped in a sling, its muscles relax and crying will not come easily. With relaxed muscles, its much easier for the baby to fall asleep.
  • Convenient Breastfeeding: With the baby near your chest, breastfeeding can be both convenient and private.
  • Enhance the Bond with Baby:-Babies all love being close to mommy! Stay close to moms heart, a baby can hear your beating heart and feel the warmth from your body in the sling where he can feel peace of mind.
  • Keep You Comfortable: Say goodbye to shoulder and back strain. The sling surrounds you and your babys spine, making it easy to counteract the babys weight with your back. You will no longer get tired or get any sore muscles.
  • 100% Rock Solid, Money Back Guarantee: We believe in all of our products and this baby wrap is no exception. We think youre going to love it, but if you dont feel that this product is for you, let us know and we will refund every cent of your purchase or send you a new replacement free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are ring slings good for?

    Getting that mama kangaroo snuggly feeling!
    Breastfeeding children who change their mind constantly on being carried
    Something light and easy to pack

  2. What are ring slings not very good for?

    Rugged outdoors such as hiking or walking trails
    Carrying on your backs (talking to you dad’s!)
    People who have shoulder or back problems
    Carrying bigger kids (they can get heavy!)

  3. How long can you use a ring sling?

    Many parents have used a ring sling successfully from birth to toddler age
    As a baby, carry them high on the chest
    As they get older and heavier, slowly lower the ring until the final stage of doing a hip carry

  4. Which fabric is best for a ring sling?

    Linen, Cotton, or Silk are the best fabrics for a ring sling. Safety is the top priority so the fabric must be strong and not prone to easy tears and rips, followed by softness so there’s no chafing of baby’s skin, and comfort for breathability.

  5. Are ring slings worth it?

    Absolutely, yes! While your baby sleeps your hands are free to do, well, stuff! It’s about freedom for mommy. They also don’t alienate the baby by allowing direct touch, much like a mama kangaroo and her baby when they’re in the comfort of the pouch.

  6. Can you breastfeed in a ring sling?

    Yes, that’s one of the great benefits. Upright and reverse cradle are very comfortable positions while using a ring sling.


A ring sling is one of the best ways to have a natural connection with a child while allowing yourself to have your hands free. It’s anatomically ideal for a growing newborn and allows for a closeness that a stroller or padded carrier just can’t provide. 

We discussed 5 of our favorites above that are available to buy right now. We like all of them and re-listed our top 3 favorites below. 

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