The Best Portable Baby Swing

A portable baby swing is ideal if you’re looking for a baby swing that saves space and can be moved easily. They’re also great to travel with you on visits to friends and relatives, too.

You need to be careful when choosing a portable swing for your baby.  Parents have reported quite a few issues with their motor. Products from even the leading baby brands can stop working after just a few months. Or they don’t have enough power to really swing a baby and burn through batteries.

To help you choose the best portable baby swing, we can recommend the following 7 designs.

Our Winners

There are a ton of baby swings on the market! We looked at nearly 50 of them and reduced the list down to the 5 we felt were the best portable baby swing you should buy today. All 5 are winners just for making this year’s list, but these 3 are our winners for specific categories.

Editors Choice
Fisher-Price Fawn Meadows Deluxe Cradle 'n Swing
Fisher-Price Fawn Meadows Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing
Most Modern
Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing
Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing
Best Value
Graco Simple Sway Swing
Graco Simple Sway Swing

Portable Baby Swing Reviews

Here’s all 5 of this years winners with our rating.

Fisher-Price Fawn Meadows Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing

Fisher-Price Fawn Meadows Deluxe Cradle 'n Swing
  • Swing Style: Front-to-Back and Side-to-Side
  • Power: Battery and Plug-In
  • Speed: Variable
  • Max Baby Weight: 25 lbs
  • Weight of Baby Swing: 7.6 lbs

The Fisher-Price Fawn Meadows Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing is this years Editors Choice award winner. If you like the style, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s the highest reviewed portable baby swing out there with glowing reviews. We really like the ease of portability, ability to use batteries or plug-in to AC power, and that it has front-to-back and side-to-side swing options (for those babies that might like one over the other). I highly recommend this one!

Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing

Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing
  • Swing Style: Emulates parents’ natural side-to-side sway
  • Power: AC only, no batteries
  • Speed: 5 distinct speeds
  • Max Baby Weight: 20 lbs
  • Weight of Baby Swing: 8.6 lbs

The Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing is this years Most Modern award winner. I just love the look of this one! It didn’t make our Editor’s Choice as we felt it was a bit limiting there wasn’t a battery power option. But the features it has are what you’d expect from a modern baby swing, such as a remote control to operate swing speed, sounds and timer. If you’re a fan of modern design like I am, this is the one I’d pick.  

Graco Simple Swing Review

Graco Simple Sway Swing
  • Swing Style: Side-to-Side only
  • Power: Battery or AC 
  • Speed: 6 Speeds
  • Max Baby Weight: 30 lbs
  • Weight of Baby Swing: 17 lbs

The Graco Simple Sway Swing is this years Best Value award winner. It has been on this list for several years, so it’s a really good baby swing for the money. Some of the things that prevented it from being an Editors Choice are the 17 lbs of weight! That’s just a lot of weight to carry as a portable baby swing. The other problem is it’s getting harder and harder to find this swing due to its popularity, pandemic supply issues, or some other unknown problem. If budget is your biggest concern, this is the best portable baby swing for the money. 

Graco has a reputation for making great baby products and their Simple Swing is no exception.

You’ll find the Simple Swing easy to assemble and when swinging no louder than a ticking clock. It has six speeds and ten classical melodies and 5 nature sounds to help soothe your baby.

What sets this swing apart is that it has a 5-point harness. This is the kind of safety harness you’ll find in high-end strollers. It helps stop your little one from flipping themselves out when swinging. There’s also a comfortable head rest which is needed as infants neck and back muscles are still developing.

Another great feature is the Graco Simple Swing can use both batteries and mains power. This will help save on the batteries and home and still make it convenient to travel with.

There is also a timer so you can estimate how long it’ll take your little one to drift off and the swing will stop. Again, this is a feature some comparable swings don’t have and it can help save batteries and power.

There are a few things I don’t like about this model. Although it says “Portable” on the box – it doesn’t fold! This makes it hard to travel with.

Secondly, the Graco Simple Swing is not for newborns. Most parents are using it from around 3-months old.  It doesn’t recline fully flat and they find younger babies will slip down the swing,


  • Lightweight & Portable
  • 10 Classical Melodies + 5 Sounds
  • Head Support
  • Timer
  • 5-Point Safety Harness
  • Mains or Battery Power


  • Doesn’t fold
  • Not for newborns

Nova Baby Swing for Infants

Nova Baby Swing for Infants
  • Swing Style: Side-to-Side only
  • Power: Battery and AC power options
  • Speed: 5 different speed setting
  • Max Baby Weight: 24 lbs
  • Weight of Baby Swing: 11.77 lbs

The Nova Baby Swing for Infants didn’t win any awards this year, but it did make our Top 5 list. I actually love this swing and think it’s very similar in modern design to the Munchkin mentioned above. It has a few more features but our goal in this article is portability and the weight is a back-breaking 11.77 lbs, as opposed to the Munchkin which is a feathery 8.6 lbs. I really like the integrated mosquito net which makes it great to use in the backyard. If you plan to use this swing at home 90% of the time, I’d get this one over the Munchkin. 

Ingenuity Boutique Collection Swing ‘n Go Portable Swing

Ingenuity Boutique Collection Swing 'n Go Portable Swing
  • Swing Style: Front-to-Back only
  • Power: Battery only
  • Speed: 5 speeds
  • Max Baby Weight: 20 lbs
  • Weight of Baby Swing: 14 lbs

The Ingenuity Boutique Collection Swing ‘n Go Portable Swing made our top 5 list this year because of its super quick and easy method to fold and go. It’s a super popular baby swing that’s focused on portability. 


Previous Years Winners

Portable Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing Review

The Ingenuity ConvertMe is a whisper-quite, multi-speed baby swing that parents love. It’s incredibly compact and will take up no more space than a bed pillow. Great for parents who don’t have the room that they would like (and who does, right?!)

This model features 5 different speed options with an automatic timer and soothing vibration. The action is also nice and gentle which is a big plus. Many swings seem to want to launch their precious cargo into space! So with this ingenuity baby swing you can both rest a bit easier. Having a timer in my eyes is essential as it really does save on the batteries.

There is also a toy bar to keep your little one entertained when they are awake. The seat pad and cushions are completely removable and washable making it pretty easy to clean. It also has a great slim-fold design that makes it easy to store or travel with.

One drawback for this particular model is that there is you can’t use mains power. It only takes batteries and does claim its patented “Hybridrive technology” makes batteries last 3 times longer than it’s competitors.

Still, I imagine over its lifetime it will use a lot of batteries, especially if this happens to be your baby’s favorite toy. Another point to consider (especially if you’re after a travel baby swing) is the weight. At 13.8 pounds it’s almost 50% heavier than the Bright Starts model below.

Overall, this is a great swing that many parents love. You can find the latest price here.


  • Pivoting toy bar
  • 5 speeds with automatic timer and soothing vibration
  • Whisper Quiet operation
  • Seat pad and cushions are washable
  • SlimFold design for storage and travel


  • No option for external power
  • A bit heavy

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle n’ Swing Review

The Fisher-Price Snugapuppy is a great travel swing.  One happy father reported that he was able to fit the unassembled swing into a standard-sized suitcase along with some other baby gear. This is definitely a big plus in our eyes!

Not only does this model swing, it also has calming vibrations, sounds, and music. The vibration setting has proven a big hit with parents as it helps getting baby to sleep. It’s also great to have more options for when your little one is a bit finicky!

There are two birds attached for your little one. This allows your child to bat at them and helps promote gross motor skills development. The birds also chirp which is a really cute touch!

Another great feature is that it senses your baby’s weight and will automatically adjust the speed. It also comes with a lovely plush newborn insert as well. This means you can use the Take Along Swing from birth.

Some parents have complained that this product can be difficult to assemble. The pieces are not properly labeled and the directions aren’t very helpful. Parents who have assembled it in pairs have done a lot better, though!

Overall, this is a great portable baby swing. It folds flat and makes travel and storage easy. When you consider the price, it could be one of the best baby swings this year.


  • 6-speeds
  • Calming vibrations, sound, and music
  • Senses baby’s weight and automatically adjusts the speed
  • Has a plush newborn insert
  • Folds flat and easy


  • Hard to assemble

Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Review

If you’re looking for a quiet, baby swing that folds compact and flat – this is the one for you!

Parents love the Comfort & harmony Cozy Kingdom because it’s whisper quiet and it’s super easy to clean. The pad and headrest are removable and machine washable so it can be as-good-as-new as no time.

This is a big plus because this is a “Short-life Product” (until around 6 months / 20lbs). Being machine washable makes passing it on or selling it a lot easier!

It’s easy to assemble and the fact that it folds flat makes taking it to the grandparents and on trips really easy. It also helps with storage. If your house is like mine baby things are everywhere so it’s good this can easily go in a closet or flat against a wall.

There are a couple of things you need to know. The first is there is no mains power adapter. So it runs on batteries only, but the Cozy Kingdom doesn’t seem to burn through them.

Secondly, the swing doesn’t stop immediately after you turn it off. I think this is to prevent jolting a sleeping baby, but you need to get used to this!

Overall, at this price, the Cozy Kingdom is better value for money than baby swings costing two to three times as much!


  • Reclines With 2 Positions
  • 6 melodies with volume control & timer
  • Foam toy bar with 2 toys
  • Folds Quickly
  • Machine Washable inners
  • Quiet


  • Doesn’t work on AC power

Other Portable Swing Designs

The next two baby swings we reviewed are slightly different to the others on the list. They are different from usual design and don’t rely on batteries. You can also use them with newborns and they are portable! Take a look at the Ghodiyu Swing and the Swaddle Swing.

Ghodiyu New Born Baby Swing Review

The word ‘Ghodiyu’ is a word that originated in India and means helping baby sleep. It looks a bit strange, but Indian mothers have been using these for centuries. It’s believed to help infants fall asleep quickly whilst also developing proper sleeping habits.

The Ghodiyu is sometimes referred to as the “Miracle Hammock“. This is because it works miracles helping babies fall asleep faster and can also help relieve a baby’s upset stomach or any other colic issue.

The hammock is designed to hang low at its center point. This gives the Ghodiyu a smooth and easy swinging motion.  It is easy to set up and many parents love just how portable it is. It only takes 2 minutes to assemble without any tools!

You can take it to visit the grandparents or other family and friends. It is even lightweight enough to travel with during flights. A 4-foot carry bag is included, and it weighs 7kg. This makes it relatively easy to put in your trunk when going out with your baby.

The frame is made out of stainless steel pipes.  Unlike other swings which eventually have problems with their motors, you can use this one with all your children. It’s also greener as it doesn’t need batteries.

A drawback to this design is it doesn’t have different reclining positions. Your baby can only swing fully on their back.

Compared to the others on our list, the Ghodiyu is pretty pricey. But you need to factor in  its longevity and that it can be used from newborn.


  • 2 Minute Assembly
  • Completely portable for travel
  • Lifetime durability
  • Lightweight
  • Design can soothe colicky babies


  • Cost
  • No different seat positions

The Kidco Swingpod Swing Review

The Kidco Swingpod is a truly unique design. It combines all the benefits of a baby swaddle and a baby swing together!

The great thing about this design is its sole purpose of calming your little one.  With the swaddle swing  you can do that almost anywhere: a restaurant, airport, friend’s house, etc, etc. The list is endless. It is very portable, lightweight and easy to pack. You can even fit it in your diaper bag!

To use this, simply place your baby into the swaddle and swing them. The manufacturers claim that it can calm even the most colicky baby. There is no weight limit as it has been tested to support up to 1600 pounds. I’m not sure if it’s suitable for baby elephants, though!

You do need to be aware that the Swaddle Swing is “parent-powered”. This is great as it saves on batteries (and gives you a bit of a workout!). It’s probably not for you if you want something automatic so you can also do other things.

As it’s so easy to carry and pack, you are able to take it anywhere and everywhere with you. You can check out the latest price here.


  • Very portable and packable
  • Can use anywhere
  • Claims to calm even the most colicky baby
  • No weight limit
  • Environmentally-friendly


  • You are doing all the swinging
  • Parent cannot do other things

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