Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Mom

If anybody tells you a book or a DVD can fully prepare you for motherhood – they are a liar! Being a Mom is great, but as often said it can be a “Challenge”.

I’ve put together a list of 30 things I wish I knew before becoming a Mom. Please feel free to add your own in the comments section!

30 Things I wish I knew before becoming a Mom

  • What stretch marks really look like
  • There’ll be a time when your baby bites and headbutts you. A lot!
  • Being a Mom can be very isolating at times
  • How much sleep deprivation sucks
  • Labor/giving birth feels like having a bowling ball stuck inside of you
  • Your sanity will definitely be challenged
  • Being a mom makes you discover how much love and courage you possess
  • Your baby will steal a piece of your heart, if not all of it
  • The importance of nurturing your marriage relationship in the midst of the demands of parenthood
  • You will become obsessed with poop. The color, texture, amount – you’ll become a baby poop expert!
  • You will talk endlessly with other moms about the pooping habits of your baby during meals
  • When changing a diaper you will have to dodge shooting poop, urine and spit up
  • How cranky you can be when you don’t get sleep
  • With sleep loss comes increased memory loss
  • You spend ages trying to get them to sleep then miss them when they do
  • You will take multitasking to a new level
  • Being a mom isn’t a glamorous job; but a smile, laugh or long nap is ample reward
  • That rocker/glider is really for you, not the baby
  • Being a mom can make you become very protective and strong
  • Having bigger boobs is not as cool as you thought it would be
Becoming a Mom
  • You finally understand why moms often wear T-shirts, jeans and sneakers
  • You may soon have an excuse to get a whole new wardrobe (after realizing that you no longer fit into anything from your pre-pregnancy days)
  • You no longer need a belt—your new butt and love handles are sufficient to hold up your pants
  • Just how satisfying it is hearing  your baby laugh, especially when playing with his/her sibling(s)
  • Being a mom and/or homemaker is much harder than it looks
    becoming a mom
  • You might be wearing your maternity clothes long after you’ve given birth
  • People are so polite and considerate when you’re pregnant and have your hands free, but now that you have little ones, you only receive dirty looks from strangers
  • You’ll always feel really busy but you’re not sure from what
  • You won’t have too much consecutive hours of sleep in the first year of their life
  • You thought you would never have another child after your baby’s born, yet you strangely find yourself wanting another one within a year

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