Kidsavers Safety Bulletin # 002 (June 5th – June 11th)

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Kidsavers Safety Bulletin # 002

Week (June 5th – June 11th)

Welcome to Issue #002 of the Kidsavers Safety Bulletin.

Here’s our weekly round-up of the best kid safety news, tips and advice from around the web.

This week’s Top 10 Articles.

1. Colorado 2-Year-Old Survives Dry-Drowning Scare
2. Why You Should Protect Your Child’s Online Privacy
3. The Importance of 5-point Car Safety Seats
4. How To Bully Proof Your Child
5Best Time To Move Baby To Own Room Could Be Under Age 1
6CBD Oil Could Help Prevent Epileptic Seizures in Children
7. Distant Dads Affect Daughter’s Risk-Taking Sexual Behavior
8. TVs in Kids’ Rooms Linked To Increase Obesity
9. How To Teach Kids About Climate Change When Their Parents Are Skeptics
10. When To Worry About Children Bumping Their Head

Recall News

1. Colorado 2- Year Old Survives Dry Drowning Scare

Following the much-publicized case of the Frankie Delgado dying from drowning on June 2nd, another toddler was saved from dry drowning. A 2-year-old complained of a headache after swimming and his mom remembered Frankie’s story and took him to the ER.
Full Story here

2. Why You Should Protect Your Child’s Online Privacy

A great article from CNN on the reasons for protecting your child’s online privacy. Aside from the usual warnings against child predators, there’s also sections dealing with lost opportunities and being accused of a crime.
Full article here.

3. The Importance of 5-point Car Safety Seats

The Huffpo had a great article which shared the story of Christine Miller, who lost her son Kyle in a car accident 12 years ago. Her Facebook post follows a recent study from the Journal of Pediatrics that finds 43% of kids who die in accidents aren’t properly restrained.
Full Article:


4. How To Bully Proof Your Child

The Daily Mail (a newspaper from the UK) had a great article on how to bully proof your child. The article cites a study on bullying from Australia and gives tips on preventing bullying, including signs to watch out for.
Full Article:

5. Best  Time To Move Baby To Own Room Could Be Under Age 1

The American Academy of Pediatrics released a report recently that provided more data on room sharing with infants. Currently, the AAP recommends parents share with an infant until aged 1. However, the report finds that sleep quality improves for children that move and could actually be safer for children.
Full Article:


6. CBD Oil Could Help Prevent Epileptic Seizures in Children

The associated press shared a study that found CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil helps reduce and prevent epileptic seizures in children.
Link To Study:


7. Distant Dads Affect Daughter’s Risk Taking Sexual Behavior

A new study by the University of Utah used sisters to show both genes and environmental conditions play a factor on a daughter’s experience. The study points to it not enough that a father is at home, the quality of parenting counts.

Full write up in Science Daily

8. TVs In Kids Bedrooms Linked to Childhood Obesity

A UK study showed that 30% more girls and 20 % more boys were more likely to be overweight and even obese by 11 years old if they have a TV in their room from aged 7.

Full Newsweek Article

9. How to teach kids about climate change where most parents are skeptics

A very interesting (and topical!) article profiling the work of Jamie Elser and the Outdoor Studies Program in Utah.

Jamie uses nature as his classroom to show the effects on climate change, in an environment where most kids don’t believe in climate change because their parents don’t.

Full article here.

10. When To Worry About Children Bumping Their Head

At Kidsavers Network, we published an Infographic to help parents identify between “Mild” and “Potentially Serious” head injuries. We also highlighted the dangers of baby walkers to our Nation’s children.


There were a couple of recalls this week.

Madison Mill 23 / 25 Safety Gate Recall

25,000 safety gates sold at independent hardware stores have been recalled after it was found kids could strangle themselves in the gaps and crawl underneath.
Article Here:

Lila + Hayes Children’s Playware

Lila + Hayes recalled about 600 units of the “Eloise and Benton Bubble” children’s playwear as the buttons can detach and cause choking

Further info here.


Thanks for reading. We wish you and your family a safe week!


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