Kidsavers Safety Bulletin # 005 (June 26th – July 2nd)

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Kidsavers Safety Bulletin # 005

 (June 26th – July 2nd)

Welcome to Issue #005 of the Kidsavers Safety Bulletin.

Here’s our weekly round-up of the best kid safety news, tips and advice from around the web.

This week’s Top 10 Articles.

1. Music therapy helps toddler with paralysis
2. Babies aged just two months victims of online child abuse
3. Long-term breastfeeding increases risk of dental cavities
4. UTA study recommends children with autism be checked for DCD
5CDC: Teen birth rate drops again to all-time low
6Child Safety Expert – Ditch Those ‘Floaties’ – Use A Life Vest
7. Mom terrified when infant overheats aboard delayed United flight
8. This couple adopted and raised 88 kids with special needs
9. Father fatally shot daughter, 9, while teaching sons gun safety
10.Police Officer Adopts Boy After Investigating Child Abuse

Recall News

Music Therapy Helps Toddlers With Paralysis

Music Therapy is being helepd to treat toddlers with a rare genetic birth defect called “Alternating Heamphillia of Childhood” – but it isn’t covered by medical insurance. Instead, the Carolina Children’s Charity is helping toddlers with there paralysis.

Full Article Here

2. Babies Aged Just Two Months Victims of Online Child Abuse

The International Justice Mission (IJM) has revealed that the majority of victims in the recent “Cyberporn” operations were under 12 years old. Some were as young as two months old. The IJM estimates that globally there are as many as 750,000 child cybersex predators at any one time.

Full article here.

3. Long-term Breastfeeding Increases Risk of Dental Cavities

A recent study has found that breastfeeding past two years can increase a child’s risk of getting cavities before their 5th birthday – regardless of the sugar in their diet.

Read more here.


4. UTA Study recommends Children With Autism Be Checked For DCD

A University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) study finds that children diagnosed with autisim should also be checked for Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) as the two conditions are related.

Full Article Here

5. CDC: Teen Birth Rate Drops Again To All-Time Low

Teen births in the 15 – 19 age group have dropped 50% since 2007 to 20.3 births for every 1,000 teens.

Full Article Here:


6. Child Safety Expert – Ditch Those ‘Floaties’ – Use A Life Vest

Timely advice that “Floaties” are no subsite for US Coastguard Approved Lifevests. The article also highlights how some public libraries are also hiring out life vests up to 90 lbs to help parents keep their kids safe.

Read the full article here


7. Mom Terrified When Infant Overheats Aboard Delayed United flight

A mother of a 4-month old infant is furious with United Airlines after her son overheated on a delayed flight. The plane was say for two hours on the tarmac and cabin temperatures exceeded 90 degrees, reports indicate.
Full Article Here

8. This Couple Adopted and Raised 88 Kids With Special Needs

Over 40 years, Camille and Mike Geraldi adopted and raised 88 kids with conditions including Downs Syndrome, Autism and severe facial disfigurations. In addition to raising two of their own daughters! Most of the kids also had cardiac diseases and some were left at their front door.

Read More Here

9. Father Fatally Shot Daughter, 9, While Teaching Sons Gun Safety

An Indiana man accidentally shot and killed his 9-year old daughter when alledgedly teaching his son gun safety. He claims to have not know the 9mm handgun was loaded at the time.

Full Article here

10. Police Officer Adopts Boy After Investigating Child Abuse

Office Jody Thompson has a big heart – and a big family. Two years ago, he adopted an 8-year old boy who “Did not have a spot on his body that didn’t have a bruise or abrasion”. The tortured boy’s mother gave birth to a girl in jail – and John adopted her, too.

Full Story Here.



There were three significant recalls this week.

South Shore Summer Breeze 5 Door Chest

South Shore has recalled 68,300 units of it’s “Summer Breeze” chest of drawers which was sold online between 2005 – 2017.

The drawers are said to represent a serious tip over and entrapment hazard.

More Here.

HomeStar North America Drawers (Sold At Target)

Homestar North America has recalled 1,470 units of it’s three drawer TV chest (exclusively sold at Target) due to tip over and entrapment hazards.

More Here.


Burt Bees Infant Coveralls

Around 8,000 units of Burt Bees infant coveralls have been recalled.

There have been 11 cases of the Zippers on Burt Bees Infant Coveralls (sold between December 2016 – May 2017) detaching and presenting a choking hazard.

More Here.


Thanks for reading. We wish you and your family a safe week and a happy 4th of july!


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