The Best Bunk Beds With Stairs

Parents and kids love bunk beds. Kids love the sense of adventure climbing into bed every night brings. Parents love how they can save space and keep their kids together.

At the same time, there’s always the worry our kids will fall out and hurt themselves. That’s why it’s great to see more bunk beds with stairs becoming available with every year that goes by.

We took a look at four of the best staircase bunk beds available today. Whether you’re after a twin over twin, a twin over full, or something that is safe and has great storage – you’ll be sure to find it on our list.

Merlot Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Review

This twin bunk bed with stairs is a premium bed at a low price. Parents say this model has a solid feel and stays immobile even with heavy adults on the top bunk. The beautiful finish and high craftsmanship make it fit for your prince or princess. Or both if they don’t mind!

The size is  67″ high x 57″ wide  x  78″ long. Of course, you’ll have to have some extra room to open the drawers.

The stairs can be installed to the left or right side of the bed to fit better with your room. They arrive with a left-hand side configuration, but swapping them around is not too difficult at all. Instructions on how to do this are included in the box.

All the wood components are solid but with that comes great strength. The sturdy construction means it will last well. You can either keep it in your family or sell it on for a nice price.

There’s lots of storage space for your child to use. You aren’t just buying a bed, you’re buying a whole set of drawers too! The top bunk fits an 8″ mattress. With the bottom bunk there’s no restriction on mattress width at all.

One disadvantage is that it ships in multiple boxes. While missing or damaged parts are rare, Dreamscape furniture does need to be notified within 48 hours of receipt should anything be missing. Also assembling the top bunk is really a two person job.

Overall this twin over full bunk bed is of superb quality. For its solid wood construction and ample storage, it’s available at a very low price.


  • Solid, stable wood construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Stairs can go left or right
  • Beautiful merlot finish.
  • Tons and tons of storage space
  • twin over full size
  • Dreamscape offers world-class customer service


  • Ships in multiple boxes.
  • Top bunk requires two people to install safely

Bedz King Stairway  Twin over Twin Bunk Bed Review

The Bedz King Stairway is made from gorgeous Brazilian Pine. It’s configurable as a bunk with stairs (left or right side) , or as two single beds. The trundle also pulls out to make 3 beds total. Perfect for sleepovers or when relatives visit!

The size of this twin over twin is 62″ high x 102″ wide x 42″ deep. The bottom bunk is 11 inches off the floor. It must be noted that both the trundle and the top bunk need to take an 8″ mattress (which you need to buy extra). The top and foundation bunks will take a 9″ mattress.

The folks at Bedz Kings take safety seriously. They have had the finish and structure scientifically tested at an independent laboratory. All materials used in this bed are verified to be 100% child safe.

Every parent with two active youngsters knows that clothes, toys and stuff in general accumulate fast. This bed has three gigantic drawers adding much-needed storage space to your child’s room.

The bed ships in three boxes and does require a lot of parts. The good news is that the instructions are very clear and the craftsmanship is excellent. Pieces that are supposed to fit together do.

The bad news is that you can expect this bed to take between 5 and 10 hours to assemble. Also, the final assembly of the top bunk is likely to be a two man job. But that’s because this is a huge bed, you’re getting a lot for the price.

A couple quibbles that parents have had are with the large number of pieces that ship with the bed. This may seem intimidating but the clear instructions and excellent manufacturing mean assembly is easier than you would think.

Other customers have complained that the bed slats are too flimsy. But it’s worth remembering that once a mattress is placed and weight is distributed the slats will be more than sufficient.

Personally, I am seriously impressed with the level of safety assurance that Bed Kinz delivers. You can find the latest price for this design here.


  • Made from Brazilian Pine
  • Twin over Twin & converts to two singles
  • Scientifically tested finish is 100% child-safe
  • Large drawers, lots of storage space
  • Easy-to-understand instructions
  • Very large


  • Comes in many pieces and takes some time to assemble

Discovery World Furniture Twin Over Full Stair Review

This bunk bed with stairs has a stunning white lacquer finish. It’s another “3 beds in one” design, with a pull-out trundle that fits a twin mattress underneath the bottom bunk.

This bunk is made from a combination of low-knot pine wood and MDF. Wood naturally settles and shifts with age causing paint to chip away and fall off. Through the use of MDF and knotless pine, these problems are largely solved. All structural components are pine, so it is very strong and stable.

The dimensions  are 98″ long x 57″ deep x 63″ high. The stairs can be installed to the left or to the right. The included instructions show with pictures how to do this. All the tools you need are included inside the box. Just remember – the mattresses aren’t!

The top bunk can take any mattress up to 8″ thick. There is no limit for the thickness for the bottom one. For the trundle, you’ll need a conventional twin mattress of between 6″ – 7″. (Like this one).

Another of the great things about this design is the storage space in the staircase. There are four large drawers in the staircase. You can increase storage space by choosing to have more doors instead of a trundle. (As shown here).

Parents report that the bed is relatively easy to assemble. Typical assembly times appear to be around 3 – 4 hours. This is considerably less than some other beds which take more than 5!

One downside is that a few customers have said the drawers’ internals were cheap and flimsy looking. But overall this is a beautiful piece of furniture at a competitive price.


  • Beautiful white finish
  • MDF used is furniture-grade, better than wood
  • Pine used on structural components
  • 3 Beds-in-1
  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • Drawers have a lot of storage space, comes with a book rack


  • Low-quality drawers

Woodland Staircase Twin Over Full Review

The Woodland Staircase twin over full  bunk is probably the best bunk bed over stairs at its price point

This is sized “Twin over full” and both beds can be separated should you want to. This offers a nice fall-back just in case your kids don’t take to bunks! If you do put the beds side-by-side, the staircase can still be used for storage or as a bookcase.

As you expect from something made out of hardwood, the Woodland Staircase is stable and secure. With a weight limit of around 350 lbs , if you want to get in and read a bedtime story you can!

As you can see from the picture, the staircase is a bit on the narrow side. This might make it hard for you to scoot up and change the sheets. Some lessons in how to do this for the kids might solve that particular problem!

Assembly has been reported to be relatively straight forward. The directions are clear and there are no special tools required.

One thing to carefully mind while assembling is that the upper railing must be well aligned prior to tightening screws. Some customers have had the railing crack when not positioned as directed .

If you’re looking for a good bunk bed with stairs at a really low, comfortable price, check this one out!


  • Sturdy, 350lbs weight limit
  • Storage in the stairs
  • Can be converted to side by side or separate beds
  • Relatively easy assembly with clear and concise directions
  • One year manufacturer warranty


  • No Trundle
  • Narrow Staircase

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