The Best Baby Monitor for Two Rooms in 2018

If you have a growing family, a baby monitor for two rooms is a great idea. However, most baby monitors on the market are targeted at just one room.

There’s also various functions and configurations so it can all get a bit confusing. Added to the fact that certain models will work great for some parents and others hate them!

We hope our reviews of the best multi-room cameras can help. Whether you need a baby monitor for twins, or for your toddler and infant you’ll find it on the list below!

Dual Room Baby Monitor Comparison

Brand & ModelProductMain FeaturesReview
Infant Optics DXR-8 -Interchangable Lenses
-700 Feet Range
-5" LCD Monitor
Read our review!
Project Nursery 5" System- Up to 4 Cameras
-Split Screen
- Tilt, Pan, Zoom
Read our review!
Motorola VMBP 36s-2-2 Cameras
- Pan,Tilt & Zoom
-Split-Screen Function
Read our review!
VTech VM342-2 -2 cameras
- 1000 ft range
- 4.2" screen
Read our review!
Levana Lila -2 Cameras
(Can extend to 4)
- 500ft secured range
-72 Hour Battery Life
Read our review!

What does a  Baby Monitor for Two Rooms Need?

Let’s check 10 important features a baby monitor for two rooms (or more!) should have.

1. Long Range

Buying a long range baby monitor is definitely preferable. A larger home or one with thick walls can really cause problems with the signal.. The best video baby monitors have a long range up to 1,000 feet.

2. Digital over Analog

Digital baby monitors are more expensive than analog but you should receive a better sound quality with digital. It also makes them more secure as analog is basically a radio wave that anybody can listen in on. Digital can also help prevent a hacked baby monitor as often no WiFi is needed.

3. DECT Protection

For increased security, monitors with DECT technology that encodes and encrypts data from the transmitter to the receiver. DECT also helps cut-out interference from other appliances such as phones, tablets, and even microwaves.

4. High-Quality Night Vision

If you’re familiar with digital camera technology then you’ll know that picture quality deteriorates at night. It’s important for video monitors to have high-quality night vision.

5. Multiple Receivers

Multiple receivers are a great idea if you want to have one fixed in a room and carry the other when you move around. It also lets somebody else share the baby-monitoring duties, too.

6. Split-Screen Mode

Some of the best multi-room baby monitors have a “split screen” function. This allows you to monitor two rooms or two cameras in one room at the same time. Check also how the split-screen works. Sometimes it’s on a 5-second cycle. The best monitor systems will be sound activated and can immediately show you the relevant feed.

7. Power Saving Mode

The best battery-powered monitors have power saving modes that will turn off the video screen if there is no activity. They also automatically switch back on when required.

8. Room Temperature Display

When you’re physically in another room you can’t feel if the temperature is just right for your little one. Having a room temperature display is a nice optional extra that many parents appreciate. It could even save your baby’s life as we discuss here.

9. Sound-Sensitive Lights

Some of the baby monitors have blinking lights to alert you of activity in the nursery. This comes in really handy if you’re doing the vacuuming or your partner’s got the game on too loud.

10. Battery Life & Battery Indicator

Having a warning alarm when the battery level is low is an essential feature. Video monitors burn through batteries. A longer battery life is much more convenient and the “Low battery” alarm won’t be going off every 5 seconds

11. Tilt, Pan & Zoom!

The best video monitors all have a tilt, pan and zoom feature. If you’re like me, you’ll want to take a close check on them when they’re sleeping. Also, once they got older or if you have twins, you’ll really appreciate being able to pan around the nursery.

12. A Large Display

The Best video monitors of 2018 all have displays larger than 3″. This is essential when you have split screen baby monitors with 2 or 4 cameras!.

Baby Monitors for Two Rooms Reviews

Whether you’re looking for the best baby monitor for twins, or one for two rooms, you’ll be sure to find it in our list below.

Infant Optics DRX-8 Review

Parents of twins and babies around the same age love this baby monitor from Infant Optics.

The DRX-8 features interchangeable lenses – technology that is becoming more popular with smart phones. There’s three lenses – normal, zoom (both included) and a wide-angle lens (sold separately). This allows you to customize the camera to your nursery and room. The zoom lens is great for newborns who tend to sleep a lot and a wider angle for when they start to move about more (around 4 – 6 months).

The basic kit comes with just one camera, but you can add-on up to 3 extra cameras. In addition to the different lenses, this monitor has a tilt, pan and zoom option too so it’s great for active babies. A lot of baby monitors have problems with battery usage.

The DRX-8 has some handy features to help you save batteries and ensure it’s always on. The battery life is an impressive 6 hours with video feed – increased to 10 if you go into “Power Saving” mode. By pressing a button you can choose to go “Audio Only” and this will reduce battery usage by 50%. There’s also an audio alarm if the batteries are running low. Infant Optics have listened to customer feedback and you can now turn off the beeping as well.

Two chargers are included – which is great when using dual cameras. There’s even a USB charger which can add another charging point in your home.

The range of this model is given as 700 feet “line of sight”. Naturally, this will also depend on how many walls the signal has to go through and how thick they are. There’s an “Out of range” alarm so my advice is to check the perimeter after you receive the baby monitor.

Another feature I really like is the 2-way talk. Our toddler is a bit clingy and we have problems putting him into his own room (and staying there!). Being able to talk with him helps reassure him and let him know we haven’t abandoned him! The sound on this particular model is great as well. It’ll pick up sounds like your baby sucking their thumb or the hum of an air purifier on even the lowest settings.

If you’re looking for a customizable video baby monitor that you can extend to up to 4 cameras, it’s hard to beat the Infant Optics DRX-8.


  • 3 Interchangeable lenses
  • Easy to pan, tilt and zoom the cameras
  • Clear sound as well as image
  • 2-way talk
  • Can add up to 4 cameras
  • Long Battery Life


    • Need to buy additional camera
    • No split-screen feature

Project Nursery 5″ HD Baby Monitor System Review

This Project Nursery System is a top of the line video baby monitor for 2018. And for the price, you’d expect it to come with all the latest bells and whistles. Let’s take a look at some of them.

For starters, there’s  a luxurious 5″ screen which receives in 800 x 640 progressive HD. This means while the resolution is pretty good, it won’t be as great as your cell phone or the Nest Cam. However, there is much more the best baby monitors than viewing resolution alone. Especially if you’re looking for a monitor for two rooms (or more).

Firstly, Project Nursery have made installation incredibly easy. The cameras will arrive already paired with the monitors. All you need to do is place them and switch them on. This means there is no fiddly wi-fi network to set up and protects your system from hackers.

Secondly, this system has the all important “Split Screen” feature. You can install up to 4 cameras and it will either cycle through them or you can have them all on the same screen. Even if the parental unit is turned off, it will automatically turn itself on if it detects sound or movement.

Speaking of sound, a neat feature I haven’t seen elsewhere is the 1.5″ Mini-monitor. It comes with a wristband, clip, and lanyard (so you can attach it to your key ring). This is great because it allows you to go “hands-free” and still keep an eye on your little one.

There’s a  2-way radio, which not only allows you to talk to your baby, but also with the mini-monitor. Great if you want to coordinate things with your partner (or tell them to get to the nursery ASAP!). You can also put an SD card into this unit and record video.

Another feature that sets this baby monitor apart is the icon-driven menu interface. It makes the unit really easy to operate and show others how to use. This is a big plus if other people will be watching your babies (such as caregivers, friends or relatives) for a short time. You can show them how to use it in seconds.

The only downside with the Project Nursery Babycam is the parental unit and the mini-monitor can not both be on at the same time. The manufacturers say this is due to security reasons which whilst disappointing is understandable.

With its ease of installation and use, this Project Nursery model is easily one of the best dual baby monitors for 2018.


  • Split Screen up to 4 cameras
  • zoom, pan & tilt features
  • Large 5″ Parental Unit
  • Smaller 1.5″ “Mini-monitor” with wristband & clip
  • Icon-driven intuitive menu
  • 2-way radio feature – parent-to-parent or parent-to-baby
  • Movement, Sound & Temperature Sensors


    • Both receiving monitors can’t be on at the same time

Motorola Video Baby Monitor MBP 36s-2 Review

The Motorola MBP36d-2 Video Baby Monitor is a 2 camera system that can be upgraded easily to 4 cameras. It’s easy-to-use and have a consistent picture up to 600 feet with great night-vision. What really sets this baby monitor apart is it’s excellent “Split screen” feature. It’s hard to find this in other models and I believe it’s worth its weight in gold.

What really sets this baby monitor apart is it’s excellent “Split screen” feature. It’s hard to find this in other models and I believe it’s worth its weight in gold.

If you are monitoring your kids in two rooms you can have one on a larger display and the other “in picture”. For example, your baby could be the larger one and your toddler smaller.

It’s important to note the sound only comes from the large picture. The feature can show up to four cameras on each screen. This might sound a bit much on a 3.5” screen, but you can plug the receiver into a TV or DVR. There is the option of toggling between cameras on a 12-second delay if you prefer.

The system has remote pan, tilt, and zoom. This means the cameras don’t need to be fixed to a wall and you can carry them around your house. The range is 600 feet, which is better than most other premium video monitors.

The monitor also has a temperature indicator which is a real plus. Some parents find the lullabies included to be annoying. I always think it’s better to have the option included and not use it. After all, the kids like my singing and that’s really bad!

The major drawback with this model is it burns through batteries quickly. The stated battery life time is 4 hours. As we all know from our phones, battery life degrades after repeated charging. The good news is the power cable is extra long so you can run it through the mains.

You also need to know that the Motorola MBP 36S-2 is not wireless. This might actually be good news if you’re concerned with the security of WiFi monitors.


  • Split-screen, “picture in picture” function
  • Tilt, pan and zoom function
  • 2 way audio
  • Infra-red night vision
  • Room Temperature Indicator
  • Can be upgraded to 4 cameras
  • Can be plugged into a TV


    • Not wireless
    • Short Battery-Life

VTech VM342-2  Review

If you’re looking for a secure, video baby camera for twins or multiple children, the Vtech VM342-2 will tick many boxes.

Firstly, let’s talk about an issue near and dear to parents hearts – security. The Vtech models use DECT 6.0 digital security. This means you don’t need to access the internet to monitor your children. So this also means your feed will not be hacked.

And how about the range? Well, at 1,000 feet it’s truly a long range baby monitor. The standard for other models is around 500 feet so the VTech VM34-2 is perfect for those with larger homes. It also means you can venture out into the backyard and still monitor your sleeping babies.

The cameras also work well in darkened rooms – which nurseries usually are for 16 hours a day! There are LED sensors which will automatically detect low light and switch over to infrared night vision. This is ofcourse black and white but the picture is crystal clear.

You can add another 2 cameras to this system to total 4 cameras. You’ll be pleased to know that there is a “Split Screen” feature. It works by cycling through the cameras every five seconds. Unfortunately, it’s not voice activated in the multi-camera mode.

There’s also great night vision, a large 4.3″ monitor and a temperature sensor. Now this is not always standard, and we covered the importance of baby monitors with temperature sensors here.

The system works on rechargeable batteries and mains power. Parents have been finding the batteries last for around 6 hours which is a pretty good return. The batteries automatically recharge when you plug into mains power.

The drawback with the V-Tech VM342 – 2 is not having a tilt, pan and zoom. There is a 170-degree wide-angle lens included for free. The cameras can also be wall mounted, so you will have great coverage of the nursery.

For younger infants, it’s not that much of a deal breaker. Toddlers who you have moved to their own toddler bed might get out of shot, though.

We like the Vtech Vm342-2 because it’s secure and the great features you’re getting for a budget price.


  • Can be found $100 cheaper than the competition
  • Wireless
  • Volume can be muted
  • Can have audio with the video feed
  • 2 Way-Microphone
  • Very portable so easy to take on vacations


  • Small LCD screen size
  • No Belt Clip
  • Short Battery-Life

Levana Lila Video Monitor Review

The Levana Lila Video monitor has rave reviews from parents with more than one child. It’s clear sound and picture can be transmitted securely up to 500 feet. This makes it suitable for most residences.

This dual baby monitor comes with 2 cameras but it can be upgraded to 4. (Extra cameras are around $50). Essentially, you can get a 4 camera set for under $250 which I think is great value for money.

One of the other features I like on this baby monitor is it’s power saving “PEEP” mode. PEEP – Power On/ Off Energy Efficient Picture – lets the camera “sleep” if there’s no activity in the room. It starts up in an instant once a noise is detected.

The PEEP function allows the rechargeable battery to last up to 72 hours. This a lot longer than comparable models. It has color-coded LED lights that also register noise made in the room which is a great function.

The Levana Lila monitor has an automatic night vision mode which is “invisible”. This means there’s no blinking red light to disturb your baby at night. There’s also a 2-way speaker, so you can talk and comfort your little one whilst walking to their room.

At 2.4” the screen is a bit smaller than the standard 3.6”, but at this low price point it’s to be expected. Also, there is no split-screen to watch both cameras at the same time. There’s no automatic pan and zoom, either.

There is no included hard-copy instruction manual. Levano does this to be greener. Quite a few parents have complained about this,but I think it’s great. You can find Levana manuals here.


  • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • Private, Secure and Interference Free Signal
  • Great Range – Up to 500ft
  • Color-coded LED lights also show noise detected
  • 2-way speaker so you can speak to your child whilst walking to the room
  • Small, Compact Design
  • No Blinking lights when in night-vision mode
  • A lot cheaper than other multi-room video monitors


    • Small LED Screen
    • No hard-copy instruction manual