About kidsaversnetwork.com

Hello! I’m Sandy from kidsaversnetwork.com. I’m currently the mother of a toddler and an infant. I say “currently”, because maybe by the time you read this they’ll have graduated to being bigger bundles of joy. Let’s hope!

I Love Being A Parent!

I love being a parent. You could also say that the novelty hasn’t worn off yet! There are a lot of unexpected things, which maybe is to be expected? Hmmm…I wrote about some of that here. My parenting philosophy is trying to experience things through my babies eyes. I really enjoy their curiosity and how quickly they pick things up. And then throw them down again! The toddler tantrums I don’t enjoy so much!

…but some things suck!

On becoming a parent, I realized that the economy for all-things-baby is so out of whack with adult things. For an example, look at bedding. How come a small sheet not much bigger than a stamp is more expensive than the adult alternative? There are numerous other examples I’m sure every parent has experienced. So I started this website to help parents save money on their kids and hopefully have enough left over to have a lot more fun!

Thank God for Google?

Another thing about me is I can’t imagine being a parent without the internet. Both my partner and I live in different states from our respective parents. We haven’t really got that great of a “Support Network” so the internet and google help assuage our fears and answer questions like “Is this normal?!”.

To help parents who are in the same position we try and put up helpful tips backed by as much scientific and professional research as possible. As I always say, don’t invest too much in what some random person on the internet says. When it comes to matters of health, a pediatrician or your own doctor should be the first port of call.

I hope you like our website. For any questions or concerns (or just to say “Hi!”) you can reach me at sandy@kidsaversnetwork.com or at the social profiles linked at the top left of the page.