The Best Baby Pillow for Flat Head Syndrome in 2017

flat head pillowFlat head syndrome, or in medical terms “Positional Plagiocephaly” is a common condition that affects many newborns.

Usually, the condition corrects itself but in some cases, an expensive, uncomfortable helmet needs to be worn for a number of months.

To prevent flat head syndrome, many parents turn to specialist baby pillows. Here are the most popular ones on the market in 2017

The Best Flat Head Pillows of 2017

Mimos Baby Pillow-100% Breathable
-Certified Safe
- 3 sizes
- 0 - 10 months
$$$$$Read our review!
Babymoon Pod- Head & Neck Support
- Machine Washable
- Made in USA
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Lazy Lambert ErgoPillow-Designed by Occupational Therapist
- Effective to 9 months
- Machine Washable
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Boppy Noggin Nest- Elevates & cradles head
- Great for car seats
-Low Price
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Peekaboo Monkey Baby Pillow- Organic Cotton
- Hypoallergenic
- From Newborn
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What is Flat Head Syndrome?

“Flat head Syndrome” refers to flat spots on one side of the back of the skull. It’s very common, and a recent study performed by Calgary’s Mount Royal University found it affects almost 50% of newborns aged 7 -12 weeks old.

The good news is, positional plagiocephaly usually corrects itself as our babies grow and develop. It is also believed to have absolutely no adverse impact on our baby’s brain development.

What Causes it?

Following the Government’s “Back to Sleep” campaign to prevent SIDS, many American infants developed flat heads from sleeping on their backs.

A newborn‘s heads is very soft and malleable. The pressure of sleeping on a firm mattress in the same spot every night can cause positional flat head. In rare cases, the condition can be hereditary as well.

When To Worry?

It’s pretty common for vaginal deliveries to cause flat head due to the pressure of the birthing canal. The head will look normal after 6 weeks so flat spots after this time are worrying.

Usually, parents become concerned about flat spots when their newborn is around 2 months old. If the situation hasn’t improved by 6 months a lot of pediatricians will recommend a flat head helmet.

Can A Pillow Really Fix Flat Head Syndrome?

Flat head syndrome is something that is said to fix itself. However, many parents turn to a baby pillow to give nature a hand.

These pillows are said to help shape the skull and relieve pressure on the head and neck. If you read the hundreds of product reviews online, a lot of parents see results in just a few weeks.

Some pediatricians recommend expensive baby head helmets for positional plagiocephaly. They cost around $3,000 and are seldom covered by medical insurance.

They also have to be worn for around 23 hours a day for 3 months! So, it’s understandable that many parents give baby pillows for flat head syndrome a try first.

The ones on our list start at around $20, so they’re much less than a helmet. Pillows are also much more comfortable for our babies, too.

What Is The Best Baby Pillow For It?

Despite many pediatricians suggesting more tummy time and advising against a pillow in the crib (incase of smothering) there’s quite a market for flat head pillows.

Many can also be used for bassinets, bouncers, car seats, “rock and play” and playtime.

You can use them for naps but babies should be supervised at all times. The biggest danger (and our greatest fear) is an infant rolling over and suffocating themselves so they’re not recommended for unsupervised sleep or naps.

Let’s take a look at the most popular flat head pillows on the market today.

Mimos Flat Head Baby Pillow Review

The Mimos Pillow is the “Premium” flat head pillow on the market. It’s around 3/4 times the price as the Lazy Lambert and Baby Moon. But is it 4 times as good for preventing flat head? Let’s take a look at the features and design.

100% Breathable & Certified Safe

The design and material quality of this pillow puts it in a class above its competitors. It’s 100% breathable meaning it’s a lot safer for infants to use.
The Mimos pillow has actually been awarded a TUV certification for safe air flow and anti-suffocation.

You can smother yourself with the pillow and still be able to breathe through the pillow’s material. This is what many parents do after receiving the pillow, so you can instantly put your fears to rest.

94% of the pillow’s volume is air which makes it easier for infants to breathe. All the material is made from expensive 3D spacer fabric so it’s also very soft and gentle for a baby’s skin.

Redistributes Pressure on Baby’s Head

A main cause of Flat Head Syndrome is a baby’s head repeatedly laying on the same spot on a hard mattress. The Mimos pillow provides 400% more surface pressure than a regular mattress. This makes incredibly effective at preventing flat head syndrome.

180-Degree Free Head Movement

The Mimos pillow allows 180 degrees free head and neck movement. This means your little one’s neck muscles will develop symmetrically and helps prevent the risk of both flat head syndrome and torticollis (a stiff neck that remains in the same position).

Appropriate Sizes for Development Stages

One of the main things that sets the mimos pillows apart is they are not “One Size fits all”. There’s a variety of sizes to suit your newborn’s size, activities, and development. “Mimo L” is from birth to 3 months. It is specially sized for a newborn’s developing neck and spine at 3 – 4 weeks old.

Size “P” is for 0 to 6 months and specifically designed for use in a stroller. Mimos Pillow XL Size can be used from 1 – 10 months in cribs, strollers and on play mats.

You need to take special care with the size. The “L” sized pillow is great for premies and smaller infants. If your baby is around the 3-month mark, look for the XL size.

Very Hygenic & Easy to Clean

The Mimos BaBy Pillow is anti-allergic, ant-static and dust mite and fungi resistant. The pillow machines washes and dries throughout in no time at all.

You have to pay extra for the cover which is annoying. However, the cover makes the pillow feel smoother and softer. It also keeps things hygienic and you won’t need to wash the pillow itself as much.

Value for Money?

If you compare the Mimos Baby pillow to its competitor’s then it’s hard to make a case for it being worth more than $100. However, when you consider that a flat head helmet is around $3,000 – $4,000 it doesn’t seem so expensive.

Ultimately, only you can make the value judgment, and you can find the online price here.


BabyMoon Pod Review

A Multi-Use Infant Pillow

The Babymoon Pod is the infant pillow many parents recommend for flat head. It can be used in the all the places you’d want it to be – strollers, bouncers, cribs and car seats are all o.k.

It’s also great for when your little one is playing on their back. It provides great neck support when used with a car seat so you do get a number of different uses from the pillow.

Effective for Flat Head

Many parents have reported using the BabyMoon Pod pillow at around 2 months old to around 6 months old with great results.

At 2 months, the pillow is not too bulky and is comfortable for the baby. The BabyMoon also has a special opening allowing the baby to lay down easily and not be in contact with a firm surface. The fabric of the pillow is very soft and comfortable, too.

Easy to Wash

What I really like about this pillow is that it’s made in the USA and it’s very easy to machine wash. The Babymoon’s low price also makes it cheaper than many other comparable designs.

Lazy Lambert Baby Pillow Review

The Lazy Lambert Pillow was specially designed to position a baby’s head to correct flat head syndrome.

The head is guided into an optimum resting position for an improved head shape and maximum comfort. It ensures the neck is kept straight, allowing even development of the neck muscles and perfect spine alignment.

The pillow also has a small cut-out in the bottom to allow great support. There is a padded center for increased comfort for the head and shoulders.

Organic Certified, Made in the USA!

The pillow’s material is incredibly soft and gentle. A lot of parents have praised it for being very well made, and this is due to the designer being both an occupational therapist and a seamstress.

All the material is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and for me this is another big plus.


The Lazy Lambert pillow can be used in car seats, strollers, and during play time. It’s suitable until around 9 months, by which time the bones of an infant’s skull begins to harden anyway.

Cute Designs at a Great Price

Another great thing about the Lazy Lambert range is they come in some really cute designs!

Among the best are pink owls and trees for girls and cars for boys. The cute designs help set Lazy Lambert apart. Many infant pillows are pretty bland which is a shame!

For the price, the Lazy Lambert is surely one of the best flat head pillows for the money.

Baby Noggin Nest Review

It’s not a pillow per se, but the Baby Noggin Nest has been used by many parents to help prevent and treat Flat Head Syndrome.

The Noggin Nest can be used from about 3 weeks old up to 6 months and is ideal for bassinets, baby bouncers, car seats, baby swings and under baby gyms.

As with most flat head pillows, it’s not recommended for crib time.

Designed to Relieve Pressure

The Noggin Nest has a specially designed cut-out that elevates and cradles a babies head whilst providing a lot of support. This alleviates the pressure that a firm baby mattresses place on a developing babies head.

Lots of Side Padding

The Noggin Nest has a lot of side padding so it’s supportive and comfortable for you baby. The side padding helps keep the babies head stay centered and protected, too.

Great with Car Seats

Many parents have been using the Noggin Nest with their car seats. They have found that it provides more support than the very small pillows that come included with most car seats.

There’s also two slits with velcro tabs that can attach to car seat straps. This ensures the baby’s head is safe and secure and  will not bounce around.

Parents Love It!

The Noggin Nest is one of the top-rated baby pillows on the market today. Its low price allows you to give it a try without too much worry.

Peekaboo Monkey Organic Baby Pillow Review

The Peekaboo Monkey” is a very cute infant pillow which can be used from newborn to around 6 -months.

As you can see, there is a dip in the center of the pillow. This is where your babies head will fit. The sides of the pillow are contoured to help prevent flat head syndrome.

For Floors & Cribs

This organic cotton pillow was designed to be used for floors and in cribs. It must be mentioned (again!) that it is not recommended to use it unattended. That is you should use it during the daytime when you can keep an eye on your little one.

Organic & Hypoallergenic

The cover of this infant pillow is made out of 100% organic cotton. The filling is made from hypoallergenic polyester in consideration for an infant’s sensitive skin.

There are no bleaches or dyes and the “Peekabo Monkey” is chemical free.

What Age Can Use It?

The company that makes this product states that it can be used until 1 years old. However, many parents report that after 6 months it starts to get on the small side.

Washing Instructions

The manufacturer “John N Tree” say that this product can be machine washed, but they advise hand washing is better. I guess this is so the pillow doesn’t lose it’s shape as much.

Where Is It Made?

This pillow is manufactured at an organic  cotton factory in South Korea. This may put some parents off. It has to be said that overall the quality standards in South Korea are much higher than China.

Click here to find out the latest price on Amazon.

If it does bother you that it’s not from the USA, check out the “Lazy Lambert” which we reviewed above.