Kidsavers Safety Bulletin #001 – Our Weekly Newsletter is Launched!

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our weekly subscription newsletter – “The Kidsavers Safety Bulletin“.

This email gives you a weekly list of the Top 10 kids safety news articles, government guidelines, product recalls, parenting tips and advice.

You can find a copy of issue #001 here. If you like what you see, you can subscribe below.


Kidsavers Safety Bulletin # 001

Week (May 29th – June 4th)

Welcome to Issue #001 of the Kidsavers Safety Bulletin.

Here’s our weekly round-up of the best kid safety news, tips and advice from around the web.

This week’s Top 10 Articles.

1. Fidget Spinners Present Choking Hazard
2No Fruit Juice Until 1 Declare AAP
3Crib bumpers are pointless, possibly dangerous
4Small Heart Monitors Safe For Infants
5Experiment Finds Children Clueless In An Emergency
6Toddler Gets Into Medicine Cabinet
710 % of Adults Can Spot Signs Of Drowning
8Sunscreen, Vitamin D Levels & A Child’s Development
9Heart Guard Shirt Saves 11-Year Old
1050 Children Backed Over Every Week

Recall News

1. Fidget Spinners Present Choking Hazard

Fidget Spinners are the latest child craze sweeping America, but they’re also dangerous to young children. The toy contains small parts which can be swallowed.

The Consumer Safety Product Commission is investigating them after a couple of incidents. A 10-year old swallowed a piece of the toy in Texas and had life-saving emergency surgery.

Psychologists have also come out and said the spinners provide no scientifically-tested benefit to ADHD sufferers. Full article here.

2. No Fruit Juice Until Aged 1 Declare AAP

The American Association of Pediatricians (AAP) recently updated their policy n fruit juice. They have found that fruit juice “Provides no nutritional benefit to children under age 1”.

They have also published guidelines for toddler fruit juice consumption.

Of interest is they also recommend against sippy cups as they could contribute to tooth decay. Full article here.

3. Crib bumpers Pointless, Possibly Dangerous

Elliot Kaye, the Chairman of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission released a new report reiterating the dangers of Crib Bumpers.

The report details how 46 infant deaths have occurred between 1990 – 2016 when babies choked or suffocated in contact with crib bumpers.

The detailed report states:

“Bumpers are essentially decorations that also happen to limit limb entrapments which are, by and large, very minor injuries.  Full article here.

4. Small Heart Monitors Safe For Infants

Some great news for Pediatric Medicine & babies born with congenital heart defects.
Research has shown the tiny Ad0 II heart device is safe to use on infants.

The device treats Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) which is uncommon in term babies, but can affect 20% – 60% of premature babies.

The scientists hope once the device is approved by the FDA, less invasive treatments will become much more common.  Full article here.
5. Experiment Finds Children Clueless In An Emergency featured an experiment where Children were asked to demonstrate what they would do in an emergency. All but one didn’t know how to react and call 911!

This touches on themes we have mentioned before at Kidsaversnetwork. Kids need to know their full name, address and how to call 911 from a smartphone (or ask someone to) as young as possible.  Full article here.

6. Toddler gets into medicine cabinet shared a cautionary tale of a mother whose three-year-old gained access (through typical toddler ingenuity) to the medicine cabinet and swallowed some pills.

Thankfully, the toddler was unharmed, but the story presents some interesting facts.

64,000 children a year unintentionally ingest medicine. The US Poison Control Center receives 500,000 calls a year related to children accidentally ingesting medicine.

You can read the mother’s story here.

7. Only 10 % of Adults Can Spot Signs Of Drowning republished a great article this week about failing to spot the signs of drowning.

The article shows what you should look out for. For kids in particular, you must check when they go quiet! As summer is coming, the tips are timely and could save somebodies life.

Full Article Here

8. Sunscreen, Vitamin D Levels & A Child’s Development also published a very interesting article discussing how sunscreen blocks essential Vitamin D and the effects on children’s bone health.

The article also discusses the value of Vitamin D supplements such as drops, milk and fatty fish. Full article here.

At Kidsaversnetwork, we also discussed the usefulness of Vitamin D supplements earlier this year.

9. Heart Guard Shirt Saves 11-Year Old

ScaryMommy featured a story where an 11-year old was hit directly in the chest by a baseball. Fortunately, he was wearing a heart guard shirt which prevented certain injury.

The article brings attention to deaths which occur due to “Combotio Cordis”, which is when blunt force trauma (like a ball hitting you) disrupts the rhythm of the heart.

These shirts can literally be a life saver for any kid who plays baseball, softball or lacrosse.

Full article here.

10. 50 Children Backed Over Every Week

An 8-year-old in New Hartford was killed earlier this month by a truck backing out of a parking space.

The article discusses how this is a nationwide issue, with 48 kids requiring ER treatment and 2 being killed every week. Some ways t0 improve this are briefly covered. Full article here


There were three prominent recalls this week.

Graco recalled over 25,000 “My Ride 65” due to the risk of the webbing failing in a crash.
Further info here.

Osprey recalled 82,000 child carriers due to fall hazards. Further info here.

Kreative Kids Recalled around 7,400 of their Lady Bug Robes for failing to meet flammability standards. Further info here.

Thanks for reading. We wish you and your family a safe week!



We’ve paused the Kidsavers Safety Bulletin due to workload. If you found it useful, please leave a comment below and we’ll prioritize it better!


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